Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hoffmann inspired

This piece was a lot of fun to make, because there was no subject matter, and it allowed me to be free with what I wanted to do. It is inspired by Hans Hoffmann's abstract art.

Bike Still Life

I made this piece this year for a bike still life assignment. We were able to choose any artist to be inspired by, and I chose Raushenberg. The mediums used are graphite, charcoal, acrylic paint, and collage.

Native Concentration

I made this piece on my own time, over the summer. I got the inspiration from this book of Native American people and their culture in all parts of the world. I have decided to use this as a concentration piece.


This was an assignment that I did this school year. We had to draw a still life of fruits and vegetables on textured paper, that was inspired by James Peele.

AP art

This a piece I made this year for an assignment that had to be inspired by Raushenberg.

Uncle Briston

This is a portrait I made this year of my great uncle Briston. It was my first time drawing a portrait with oil pastel.

Shoe Still Life

I made this piece this year as a homework assignment. We had to draw a still life of our shoes, which was sort of a challenge, but I enjoyed making this piece.