Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Classroom Still life

This was our first project that we did in class. We had to study still lifes for a few weeks and create three pieces from the still life. This was my first piece, and I used graphite to create values in this piece. This one was my favorite out of the three.

This was one of the first homework assignments that we had to do this year. I really wanted to use lots of warm colors and neutral tones and then I added the cool colors in the shadowing and the clothing. The bottom part of this piece felt empty, so I decided to add more figure drawings with white charcoal.

Monday, April 5, 2010

High Contrast Self Portrait

This was an assignment that we had to complete on our own time, and i really enjoyed making it. After I took a picture of myself, I altered it on the computer changing the color of my skin and hair. Then I painted the picture on a canvas, that I covered with comics from the sunday paper. This piece seems to have a pop-ish style, which is different than my own style ...but i love it! I'm really happy with this piece, because I feel like it actually resembles me (with most of my self portraits I end up unhappy :o)


This piece took a lot of work to make. I had to make sure to take a picture where you can clearly see my reflection, so I chose a doorknob. I always love using graphite, because it allows me to blend and make details stand out even more. I actually enjoyed making this piece a lot!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hoffmann inspired

This piece was a lot of fun to make, because there was no subject matter, and it allowed me to be free with what I wanted to do. It is inspired by Hans Hoffmann's abstract art.

Bike Still Life

I made this piece this year for a bike still life assignment. We were able to choose any artist to be inspired by, and I chose Raushenberg. The mediums used are graphite, charcoal, acrylic paint, and collage.

Native Concentration

I made this piece on my own time, over the summer. I got the inspiration from this book of Native American people and their culture in all parts of the world. I have decided to use this as a concentration piece.


This was an assignment that I did this school year. We had to draw a still life of fruits and vegetables on textured paper, that was inspired by James Peele.

AP art

This a piece I made this year for an assignment that had to be inspired by Raushenberg.

Uncle Briston

This is a portrait I made this year of my great uncle Briston. It was my first time drawing a portrait with oil pastel.

Shoe Still Life

I made this piece this year as a homework assignment. We had to draw a still life of our shoes, which was sort of a challenge, but I enjoyed making this piece.